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Doesn't It Make Sense To Use A Clear Purging Compound for

Clear Applications?

MAGNA CLEAR® - Introducing a new series of purging compounds aimed specifically at cloudiness, streaking, black specs and hazing in clear applications. While we acknowledge that most commercial compounds on the market including MAGNA PURGE®are effective in color changes, and maybe considered the starting point in going from color to clear, it may not alone solve these problems. Most all commercial purging compounds have a couple things in common in that they use an olefin or styrenic based carrier, and in most all cases they are either opaque or white in color. MAGNA CLEAR® uses a water clear carrier and a proprietary chemical agent to remove carbonized and residual contamination on injection molding, extrusion, and blow molding equipment.


Magna Clear 

MAGNA CLEAR® PC 105 - 95% modified PC + 5% FDA approved chemical compound. Ready in Stock! MSDS Sheets available upon request.                                             

Available in 10 lb. 25 lb. and 50 lb. and 1100 lb. gaylords.